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Career & Life Coaching

Career and Life Transformations with Ralph E. Rast & Associates

 Have you been struggling to make a change or improvement in your life, but have not made enough progress?

     Nearly everyone has difficult struggles which they try to solve.   I may be able to show you ways to resolve such difficulties. 


Are you ready to create the life you'll really love? 

    Everyone goes through difficulties and changes in their life.  Some changes are difficult and demand new ways to be successful.  I have over 25 years of experience as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#16563) helping people to resolve difficulties. I've helped many people and families transform their lives to become healthier, happier, and improve their relationships.

    I offer Life and Career Coaching which is significantly different than counseling:  Coaching guides you to making your life and career dreams become a reality.


Types of Coaching 

   Coaching sessions may occur at my office or by telephone and email. 


Call Us Today!

 Please email or call Ralph Rast* at 916-761-6549 for more information. 

Your coaching sessions can be on the phone or in person, your choice.

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Ralph is personally trained by Fern Gorin, owner of The Life Purpose Institue.



Discover Your Life Purpose and Find the Work You Love!

  • Do you want more meaning or fullfillment from your life or your work? 
  • Do you want more income?
  • Are you in a transition period such as divorce, job loss, children moving away from home, etc.?
  • Would you like to create and live a life that you'll really love?

We can guide you in clarifying your true deep wants and assist you in making them become a reality.  We provide you with the skills and support to achieve a fullfilling life and career.  Our methods* have been used since 1984 and have helped over 35,000 people to successfully create the life and career they love.

What We Do:

  • We are dedicated to help you make your life and career dreams become reality!  
  • We help you discover the career you'll love and develop the income you want.
  • Everyone's life has purpose and meaning.  We help you explore the purpose of your life and begin living your unique purpose.  One's career is often part of this purpose.  Thus, you may feel the fullfillment you have been craving. 


  • We become your coach (on the phone or in person):  All champions, such as Olympic atheletes, have coaches who guide them to achieve feats they could not do alone.  Imagine what your life would be if you received the support and training you needed to make your ideal life a reality.
  • We guide you through the SEVEN steps of Clariety and Results*.  This includes unveiling your strengths, deep desires, overcoming any blocks, and developing the life, career, and income you want.
  • We guide people to solutions quickly.
  • We help people to achieve their goals and dreams by converting them into practical steps.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • Since our methods* have helped thousands of people live their dreams, we offer a satisfaction guarantee:  If you are not satisfied with the first session, you owe nothing. 

*Trained and Authorized by Fern Gorin of the Life Purpose Institute


    Coaching sessions may occur at my office or by telephone and email. 

What's the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching is NOT Counseling:

  • Coaching guides people in making their wants and dreams become reality.
  •  Counseling focuses on helping people overcome personal or family problems, heal from traumas, resolve parenting or marital issues, etc.

     I offer Life Purpose and Career Coaching* which guides you with SEVEN Steps:  From discoverying your deep passions and true wants; to making these become reality in your life.

    *Ralph is trained by Fern Gorin, owner of The Life Purpose Institue.

Call or email Ralph Rast for more information.

Try Us for Free!

We invite you to try us for a free initial consultation  so you can determine if we are right for you.  Call or email Ralph Rast to arrange your Free Initial Consultation session:


Ralph Rast and his wife, Cindy


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