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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Longterm Love Relationships:

   Marital and longterm love relationships are the closest, most exciting and most difficult of all relationships.  The only other relationship which comes is close in intensity and difficulty is the parent-child relationship.  In other words, love relationships can range from deep loving connections, bliss, great joy, etc. to deep hurt, rage, emotional coldness, little or no affection, separations, etc. 

    I have over 25 years of experience in helping couples overcome difficulties and improving their love relationships.  Such difficulties range from common errors of longterm relationships (such as increasing anger, dislike, criticism, or decreasing enjoyment of each other, communication, affection, etc.) which result in decaying the relationship; to major issues such as affairs, addictions, abuse, etc.  Regardless of the issues (major or common) plaguing the love relationship, the negative impacts often affect the sexual relations and/or the parenting teamwork of the couple.  In other words, as the marital/couple's relationship decays, the other parts of their relationship (friendship, parenting, sexual) may be negatively affected.

Divorce Prevention:

      Everyone who marries intends the relationship to last a lifetime.  However, many times the marriage becomes difficult (see next section below).  Although these difficulties show where growth is needed, many couples get stuck in the difficulties and consider divorce.  I have helped many couples save and improve their marriage. Important: couples counseling is usually easier than divorce recovery and far less expensive. So please call 916-761-6549 or email me to arrange a FREE initial consultation.

Can Counseling Help?

    YES, if you want to accelerate improving your love relationship!  As explained in the above section, it is common for longterm couples to encounter difficulties.  Usually, the couple resolves or tolerates most difficulties.  But some difficulties are recurrent in the relationship despite the couple's attempts to resolve the difficulties.  Such recurrent difficulties often result in hurtful arguements or emotionally distancing.  This intensifies the couple's struggles and handicaps showing their love for each other.  Eventually the couple exhausts their ideas to resolve the issues and they consider ending their relationship. 

    Although ending the love relationship may seem like the only solution, it is usually a reactionary decision that begins a long painful process which affects everyone in the family for years. Even the one who wants to end the relationship may feel initial relief, but they will often have painful reactions and struggles which will last for years as they attempt to build a new life or love relationship. 

How does Counseling Help?

    A counselor is like a dance coach who helps the couple develop more skills and work better as a team. Likewise, the counselor guides the couple in improving and saving their love relationship.  This process usually results in a deeper and more satisfying love relationship with significant personal growth for both people.  Moreover, the couples counseling is usually easier than recoverying from the loss of the relationship and far less expensive than a divorce.


 1.  Free Test:  How Healthy is Your Love Relationship? (click here)

2We will Answer Your Question:

Email Ralph Rast  a  question with a brief description of the  problem.  We will provide a commentary for possible solutions.  No obligation or sales pressure!   

How Ralph can Help:

    1.  It is important for both people in the couple to feel comfortable and confident in their therapist.  Thus I offer a FREE initial consultation session so you may experience what I am like and ask any questions you wish;

   2. One of the options which Ralph offers is an assessment of the marital/couple relationship strengths and issues.  This assessment results in clear recommendations for the couple's consideration;

   3. From Ralph's personal experience and years of clinical training, he offers a wide range of methods to help the couple resolve or deal with the issues plaguing their relationship.  Ralph has helped many couples save and improve their marriage from even major issues (addictions, affairs, child abuse, violence, etc.);

   4.  Overall, Ralph helps the couple to build 7 major aspects of a healthy, mutually satisfying love relationship.  These 7 aspects form the core relationship skills which are required for a strong, long lasting, deep love relationship.

    So please call or email Ralph to arrange your free initial consultation.







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