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Divorce Recovery Groups- Sacramento & Placer County

Divorce Hurts!  Recovery has Many Steps:

    Divorce hurts all family members, even if the divorce is for the right reasons!  The impacts of divorce can last for years. Recovery from divorce has many steps.  Since the recovery needs of each person varies greatly, we offer five types of services for all family members affected by the divorce.

Range of Services:

            Clients may choose any one or combination of the following:

  1. Divorce/Separation Recovery Group;
  2. Individual and Family Counseling;
  3. Career Coaching;
  4. Life Purpose Coaching;
  5. Advanced Divorce/Separation Recovery Group;

1. Divorce/Separation Recovery Group

Description:  The initial Divorce/Separation Recovery Group is 13 group sessions which includes educational videos, group support, discussions, and an optional workbook over 100 pages long. A sample list of topics include:

  • Impacts of Divorce:  What’s Happening to Me?
  • Working through Anger; Depression; Loneliness;
  • Financial Impacts & Strategies;
  • Helping the Children;
  • Co-Parenting;
  • Being Single Again; and more!

Who May Attend?

      The Divorce/Separation Recovery Group is open to adults who are in any stage of the separation process: From those who are just beginning the separation process to those who already have their divorce finalized by the court.  This also includes people who are unsure if they will reunite with their mate (ambivalence in common).

Size of Group:

       Pre-registration to the group is critical since the size of each group is kept small (~10) to allow maximum support and interaction for everyone.                                                            

How to Enroll:

      Please call Ralph Rast (916-761-6549) to arrange an appointment. 

 To Ask Questions:

          Call or Email: Ralph Rast, MFT at 916-761-6549



  • 2. Individual & Family Counseling

         Divorce is very painful with long lasting impacts on all family members. Usually the spouse who did not want the divorce has the greatest pain.  Many times the individual’s reactions to the separation/divorce process may worsen the situation.  Examples of such reactions include: Overwhelm; Deep depression; Fear; Anger; Premature dating; Increased alcohol use; Over or under eating; Little time for the children; Revengeful manipulations, blaming, or hateful comments about the other parent/spouse; Poor parenting teamwork;  etc. 

                Counseling sessions may help reduce such painful reactions. 

    3.  Career Coaching

          Divorce has great financial impacts. Many times a person’s income is not sufficient and he/she may need a new career or additional income.  Career Coaching guides the individual to making more money or developing a well paying career which is personally satisfying. 

    4. Life Purpose Coaching

         Divorce shatters many lifelong dreams.  Many people feel confused or hopeless about their life after divorce. Life Purpose Coaching guides the person in building a new chapter of their life which is meaningful to them.  


5. Advanced Divorce/Separation Recovery Group


Description:  The Advanced Divorce/Separation Recovery Group is for people who have completed the initial 13 week Divorce/Separation Recovery Group or similar group.  The advanced recovery group topics are designed for the needs of its members and requires a 24 week commitment.    Examples of advanced topics include: 

  • Healing from Rejection;
  • Completing the Emotional Divorce;
  • Improving Parenting Teamwork with Your Ex-Spouse;
  • Helping Your Children Through Their Reactions;
  • Designing Your New Life;
  • Being Single Again;
  • Dating & Blended Family Issues;
  • and much more.

Size of Group:

       Pre-registration to the group is critical since the size of each group is kept small (~10) to allow maximum support and interaction for everyone.                                                                                     

How to Enroll:

      Please call Ralph Rast (916-761-6549) to arrange an appointment. 

 To Ask Questions:

          Call or Email: Ralph Rast, MFT at 916-761-6549

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