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Sexual Abuse & Addiction

Sexual Abuse Victims

   I have been helping sexual abuse victims and their families since the 1980's.  Sexual abuse may occur an any age.  Females are the most common victims, but males can also be victimized.  Nearly all sexual abuse occurs from someone the victim knows (such as a family member, dating partner, friend, relative, etc.).  Thus the victim may have a mixture of feelings ranging from liking the person and the sexual pleasures, but also feeling betrayl, anger, emomtional hurt, shame, etc.  So the impacts of sexual abuse often is confusing, intense, and may last for years.  We offer individual, couples, and family therapy for minors and adults who have experienced sexual abuse.

Sexual Offenders

    I am certified by the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) to evaluate and provide specialized counseling to people who have committed a sexual offense.  A sexual offense may be committed by an adolescent or adult.  The underlying contributors for a sexual offense widely vary.  Thus, "sex offenders" are NOT the same and must be carefully evaluated to determine the focus of counseling to prevent       re-offense.  We have extensive experience with a wide range of sexual offenses (molest, consensual sex with a teenager under 18 y.o., child porn possession, voyerism, exhibitionism, etc.).  We also have many years of experience working with probation officers, Courts, and attorneys.  We offer caring individual, marital, and family therapy plus group therapy (if appropiate).  All of these counseling modes are taylored to the client's needs to help prevent recidivism.

Sexual Addiction

    Sexual addiction (hypersexualilty disorder) is a major problem that is not recognized as an official diagnosis in the USA (DSM-5) however it is recognized by the ICD-10 for the rest of the world.  Sexual addiction, like drug addiction, has many forms:  pornography, excessive masturbation, promiscuous sex, affairs, and some types of sexual offenses.  Sex addiction has many contributors which often begin in childhood and are amplified by the adolescent sex drive and the USA cultural emphasis on sexiness.  I have been treating sex addiction issues for over 10 years and I am one of the therapists at LifeSTAR Sacramento, an outpatient sex addictions recovery program.

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