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Child & Adolescent Counseling

Why do Children and Adolescents  have Troubles even with "Good Parents"?

    Although "good parents" often wonder what they did wrong or how to help their child better when their child is showing repeated problems, there are many factors which contribute to a child's strengths and difficulties.  Eventhough the parents usually have the greatest influence on the child, another factor is the child's or teen's choices of beliefs and behaviors.  However these can be negatively impacted by many other factors.            

     Examples of factors which may affect a child or adolescent include:  Personality structure such as emotional maturity; Learning difficulties; Negative influences from school, neighborhood, or various peers or adults; Unhealthy or misleading messages from the culture (internet,TV, videos, music, etc.); Poor resilency from painful experiences; Developmental, nuerological, or physiological challenges, etc.  Overall, "it takes a whole village to raise a child."

Parenting has Many Joys, but Sometimes it's Difficult!

     Being a parent is the most important job in the world.  Parents often feel much joy and personal rewards.  Most of the time, parents can successfully guide the child through problems.  Other times parents need extra help for their child when their efforts don't get the results they want. Sometimes, parents do not agree with each other on how to deal with their child's issues.  When difficult issues occur, we offer our expertise to help resolve such difficult issues. So please call or email us about the situation you are dealing with.




 1. Test:  How Healthy is your child or teenager? (click here)

2We will Answer Your Question:

Email Ralph Rast  a  question with a brief description of the  problem.  We will provide a commentary for possible solutions.  No obligation or sales pressure! 

How We Can Help:

    Ralph and his associates have many years of  experience in treating a wide range of child and adolescent issues.  We offer the following ways to help:

1.  It is important the parents to feel comfortable and confident in their therapist.  Thus we offer a FREE initial consultation session so you may experience what I and my staff are like and ask any questions you wish;

   2. As often as possible, we like to work closely with the child or adolescent's parent(s).  This may include meeting with the parent(s) prior to the child's session or include the parent(s) in a family session with the child or adolescent.

   3. From Ralph's personal experience and years of clinical training, he offers a wide range of methods to help the child or adolescent resolve their issues. These may include a series of specially designed individual sessions for the child and/or family sessions to develop more effective ways of helping the child or adolescent.  

   4.  Ralph has helped many families to resolve a child's or teen's issues such as: Defiance; Anger; Depression; Low Self-esteem; Poor Grades; Traumas; Addictions; etc.

    So please call or email Ralph to arrange your free initial consultation.

Try Us for Free!

We invite you to try us for a free initial consultation  so you can determine if we are right for you.  Call or email Ralph Rast to arrange your Free Initial Consultation session:


Ralph Rast and his wife, Cindy


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