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Free Child/Teen Test

Free Test:

How Healthy is Your Child or Teen?


            This brief test is designed to help you determine if your child or teen is healthy or has significant issues.  A more thorough evaluation is available upon request. 

For Children & Teens: 

For children under 13 years old, please answer questions 1-16. 

For teenagers, please answer all questions (1-26).

True or False :

1. T or F:  My child/teen obeys my rules & requests.                                                    

2. T or F:  My child/teen does his/her chores with minimal reminders.                               

3. T or F:  My child/teen obeys the school rules & teachers.                                         

4. T or F:  My child/teen seldom gets in trouble at school.                                           

5. T or F:  My child/teen gets good grades in school.                                                  

 6. T or F:  My child/teen plays well with others.                                                        

7.  T or F:  My child/teen chooses friends who I approve of.                                           

8.  T or F:  My child/teen is open & honest with me.                                                    

9. T or F:   My child/teen does not play videogames too much.                                       

10. T or F:  My child/teen is seldom depressed, irritable, or isolates.                                 

11.  T or F:  My child/teen doe s not become overly angry or withdrawn when we disagree.    

12.  T or F:  My child/teen respects my wisdom and does not insult me.                              

13.  T or F:  My child/teen shares his/her deep feelings & issues with me.                           

14.  T or F:  My child/teen does not abuse animals or younger children.                                           

15.  T or F:  My child/teen has a good self esteem & acknowledges errors/problems.                           

16.  T or F:  Overall, my child/teen views me as one of his/her best friends.                                   

Continue Answering for Teens, but do not answer for #17-26 for children under 13 years old:

17.  T or F:  My teen does not use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

18.  T or F:  My teen does not play videogames too much.    

19.  T or F:  My teen does not spend too much time on internet social sites (facebook, etc.)           

20.  T or F:  My teen does not look at pornography (internet, magazines, etc.)                                  

21.  T or F:  My teen wants a monogamous love relationship instead of casual sex.                        

22.  T or F:  My teen has realistic career goals and works toward them.                                             

23.  T or F:  My teen follows through on goals and commitments.                                                    

24.  T or F:  My teen is careful with money and is building a savings.                                          

25.  T or F:  My teen does not cut school, shoplift, or drive recklessly.                                                

26.  T or F:  My teen has good values.                              



1.  Write the name and age of each child or teen; 

2.  Count the number of "False" answers and write which numbers they are for each child or teen;

3.  Call or email Ralph Rast for a Free Consultation Session to discuss the test results;

 For a Free Consultation Session or More Information:

          Please contact Ralph Rast, MFT, CHT at 916-761-6549 or click here to send an email.



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